3 Key Hindrances to Hiring Staff

The most important feature of any organisation is the quality of the staff. However, it is not always easy to zero down on the right person for the job.

There are three hindrances to hiring outstanding staff:

  1. The first is in getting references from previous employers. Honest references are almost always sabotaged by tolerance because no one wants to blow the whistle on a poor worker. It is my objectivity to render as objective a reference as possible. An employer does an employee no favours by recommending him for a job which he is not suited.
  2. Another hindrance to hiring top-quality staff is that in a small organisation, which may have less to offer than a larger organisation.
  3. The third hindrance in hiring outstanding staff is not knowing what qualities to look for in prospective staff members.

Here is a handy hiring formula to assist in knowing what qualities a person needs to best do the job.



The leader of a team needs to exemplify certain relationship essentials. He must respect his staff. He needs to provide open and honest two-way communication of all issues. Open communication establishes an atmosphere of trust that’s essential for a group to function as a team.


This is a tie-breaker for hiring a team maker. If there are two equally talented applicants, the attitude would determine the decision to hire.


What are they good at? What are they fascinated by? What do they believe in?


Growth, Teamwork and Leadership

We hope that this formula will help you select the right candidates for the job. What are some other criteria that you keep in mind while building your team?

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